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Perhaps, Kink should contact Vivid Video and other Porn Companies and offer Jame's Training of O Service, as a way reforming Wayward Contract Girl's who have bad behavior. perfect for both grimaces and moans. As per post session discussion, why wasn't there a forced asslicking scene? ) I'm more into the fem-sub being told what to enjoy than actually saying she's enjoying it herself.
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Dana hogtied. With so many people on hand to hurt her, this is definitely going to be one of those days.

Finally, her tits are cuffed and her clit and tongue are clamped. Say no more one of my favs Kristina Rose. She had invited all the old perverse men from the club. That may be so, but there is no way she can be certain what the other people have been up to, even if they undergo regular tests. But then if you were fucking her mouth, you could whip her tits and occasionally strike the crack of her ass/pussy just for fun!
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